Chiang Mai – City of temples

After Bangkok and the islands, Chiang Mai is definitely the most visited place in Thailand. As we found out this is for a reason. The pure number and density of temples is breath taking. Basically there is a temple at every corner.

In our hostel we met Tom and Judit. Both were Germans and we went sightseeing together. We shared a car and went on a temple sightseeing spree. After that we had food together which is quite different to the south of Thailand. It has less coconut but more stew with potatoes. Also there are less Muslims than in the south (for instance Koh Lanta had 90% Muslims) and therefore you wouldn’t find any food with pork in it. In Chiang Mai that was very different.

In the evening we went for an event of its own kind (Iris and Jaap). Together with a dutch couple we went for Thai Boxing in a little “stadium”. We managed to secure seats in the first row and sat right next to the blue corner. We could even hear the coach giving advice but of course didn’t understand a single word – however we were right up close. The fights were very brutal but still very good Entertainment. We were betting 4 Times and manged to only win once :P. Especially, the last fight was spectacular. It only lasted a few seconds but a guy from England (!) in his first fight (!) did a round-house kick and knocked the other guy out. After this event Iris and Eva took a fish massage and the guys got some McDonald’s.

Next day was all about elephants. Before deciding for a elephant tour Eva did a lot of research. There are countless places in the surrounding of Chiang Mai who offer the elephant experience. But Eva wanted to be double and triple sure that we’d only go to a place were elephants a treated right and nothing would be done with them that would harm them. She wasn’t sure especially about the riding part. So our main focus would be to spend time and interact with these gentle giants. Therefore, we deciding for a sanctuary with an extremely good reputation where you are allowed to ride elephants  bareback because it shouldn’t harm them. And yes, also Eva was very curious about the feeling of riding an elephant.

She shouldn’t be disappointed. Riding an elephant is quite different to a horse. Also they interact way different than horses. The whole day was just amazing – but see yourself….
Just after 3 mins Eva felt super comfortable and took a nap on her new friend

If Wisard could see this he’d be very upset!!!
Saying thank you by donating some bananas and sugar cane

First time with the Dr. in front…

3-2-1 Risk time – This time without any major damage

A really nice temple

This is how it started

This is how it ended. Both girls could hold back and laughed there guts out

Before the fight we had no clue what we were going for

The British champion.

This was by far the funniest part of the day. 6 guys blind folded tried to kick each others asses 😉

A monk that supposingly being sitting like this for a few hundred years

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