Bora Bora

French Polynesia - Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the worlds most famous destinations. Especially, for honeymooners in luxury resorts and their over-water bungalows. Putting it in other words: its not a typical destination for backpackers. However, if you look around there are smaller family pensions also offering good deals. We got told that the island is overpriced and overdeveloped hence we just booked two nights, which turned out to be a very good decision.

The main activities on Bora Bora are in- and around the lagoon because it’s a huge turquoise swimming pool with a large variety of fish and colorful corals. The best way to experience the lagoon and the idyllic motus is by boat. The tour took us around the whole island and its lagoon including great snorkeling spots, swimming with black-tip sharks, rays (they came close, even touching us - a very slimy feeling) and an awesome Motu barbeque.

View on Bora Bora from one of its MotusPanorama06

Getting started for the lagoon excursionIMG_5522

One of the numberless luxury over-water bungalow resorts. Unless you spend more than 5.000 US$ (!!!) a night, your neighbour will be able to see and hear you on your balcony. I'd expect more for at least 1.200 US$ a night 😉IMG_5526 IMG_5552 IMG_5573

Beach shack on one of the MotusIMG_5579

Awsome Motu barbequeIMG_5581

Sharks around our boatIMG_5533

Rays around our boatIMG_5609 IMG_5615Panorama01 Panorama03

Bye bye endless bungalow villagesIMG_5630

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