Australia – Mother of all perfect countries!

I arrived earlier than Eva did – at 6 am. So it was not until 12 pm that we could finally leave the airport and step into our favorite country. Being back was an amazing feeling: sunshine, friendly people and a beautiful country. Our host awaited us in his apartment (AirBnB), his wife – Nara – was still working. Carl is from Norway but migrated 12 years ago. If he hadn’t told us, we’d never guessed that he is no true Aussie. Entering their apartment we immediately felt at home. Their apartment is a cozy, warm place with a lot of charm.

After we did all the unpacking and so on we started exploring the city. Melbourne is comparably big to German city, it has 4.3 Mill. inhabitants and is rapidly growing (unlike German cities). It was very easy to find our way around because of the organized tram and bus system as well as a language that we could finally understand again. The CBD was even more built up than we expected it to be, with a remarkable amount of sky scrapers forming the skyline of the city. Still, Melbourne does not feel too dense. Also, the amount of different languages being heard in the streets and the great number of coffee places, bars and restaurants are impressive. There was no holding back – we fell in love with that city J

Over the next few days Mikaela (we met her on our trip through Central America) showed us around the different areas of the city and invited us to a very nice barbecue with her whole family on our last evening. Also that day we met Leon again, who Niels got to know 4 years ago at the AMCIS in Peru.

How could you possibly get into Christmas mood when the outside temperature is around 30 degrees? But anyway, Merry Christmas!Melbourne_11

View of the city from the St. Kilda pierMelbourne_001Melbourne_01

Famous seaside suburb St Kilda is home to the rich and beautiful Melbourne_08 Melbourne_002

Our cozy AirBnB stay in St Kilda @ Carl and Nara`sMelbourne_003

Brighton Beach and the colorful beach huts with MikaelaMelbourne_02 Melbourne_04

Nice skyline across the scenic Yarra River with its parks Melbourne_06Melbourne_004

Typical Australian Houses Melbourne_10

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