Port Barton

Port Barton - Laziness newly defined

Booking the accommodation for Port Barton gave us a hard time. Finally, we decided to stay at a place run by a half Swiss half German who offers some known Swiss dishes at his restaurant which we were dying for. Not giving up for 3 days Niels somehow managed to get in contact via Facebook (all other means of communication failed). Not sure if everything worked out we took a local minibus for 5 hours from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton - surprisingly a boat was awaiting us.

45 mins later a small island came into sight. The Cococnut Garden Resort was the only place on the island. Therefore, we enjoyed western dishes every day e.g. Gulasch with mashed potatoes or Schnitzel 😉 After traveling for almost 10 month you appreciate western food a lot. The place was a bit like a small zoo: dogs, cats, monkeys, ducks, ducklings and many more. We are not big fans of wild animals being locked up but in this case they only treated one injured monkey with her baby.

Since there was nothing to do besides eating, swimming, and playing cards it was all about being lazy without having a bad conscious.

View from our cottage23_02_Port Barton_01


First sight of the island (the very left building was our cottage)23_02_Port Barton_02

The Coconut Garden Resort & around (next 5 pics)23_02_Port Barton_03 23_02_Port Barton_04 23_02_Port Barton_05 23_02_Port Barton_06 23_02_Port Barton_07

Locked away for its own good - an injured monkey with her baby23_02_Port Barton_08 23_02_Port Barton_09 23_02_Port Barton_10

A local fisher boat passes by23_02_Port Barton_11

On our way to the next destination “El Nido” several transports were necessary (boat, jeepney and a local bus)  23_02_Port Barton_13 23_02_Port Barton_16 23_02_Port Barton_17

Impressions on the way – special effects23_02_Port Barton_14 23_02_Port Barton_15

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