Playa Giron

Diving in Playa Giron

Our Casa Particular in Playa Giron was very nice, even though we were missing a toilette seat. Instead we had turtles, a parrot, a dog (or was it a hamster?) and a crocodile - for real! There is not much to see in this village besides very good dive sites and a restaurant where you can get 4 main courses plus four beers and a soda for round about 8 CUC ( = 8 USD)! Playa Giron has only one huge resort which could easily be a movie set for a zombie blockbuster. The small bungalows fall apart, grass is growing inside and most windows are broken. Around the bungalows are palm trees with coco nuts laying around everywhere. At the beach side of this hotel is a masterpiece of architectural art: a massive wave breaker. Its appearance is brutal. Most probably Cemex (one of the biggest concrete producers in the world) was not only sponsoring the local grocery store… However, this beach also features a bar with great mojito for only 1 CUC ( = USD). We had a first great afternoon with Jimmie and Kari 😉

The next day we went diving. While doing so we met Tobi and Christiane ("Meet Tobi and Christian" post will follow soon).The rest of the day we went to an all-inclusive beach. Thanks to Tobi and Christiane the transport was free and the way back one of the highlights (as far as I remember). The evening ended in a bar with round about 2-15 Mojito per person.

The haunted bungalow hotelIMG_20140530_155650

Nice and welcoming parking lot @playa gironIMG_20140528_142634 Award winning wave breakerIMG_20140528_161712 IMG_20140528_164215 IMG_20140530_155110

Beach without wave breaker (close by)IMG_20140530_155211 IMG_0843

IMG_20140531_070638IMG_20140531_064346 IMG_20140531_064754 IMG_20140531_064833 IMG_20140531_070412

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