Hoi An

Hoi An

It's all about tailor-made stuff!

Hoi An is an ancient town and a unique heritage site. The streets have charming lights in every tree and the whole city has an harmonious character. Not only because of its many temples, stylish restaurants and bars but also because of its grand architecture and the riverside setting it’s a must see when you are in Vietnam.

Everyone who has been to Vietnam recommended this cute little town which is also famous for its glut of tailors (more than 200). We couldn't resist and got tailor-made suits, shirts and much more. It kept us busy for almost 2 days with around 7 fittings. But we left the tailor (BeBe) with a smile and many bags. As good costumers we were allowed to have a look in their factory which is located in the back of their shop.

If not busy with fittings we were wandering along the ancient lanes, the historic perfectly preserved port and the many sights the old town had to offer. The surrounding area could be well explored with our scooter...

Colorful bowls made out of coconuts22_03_Hoi An_00

Happy Budda is always around and loves Choco-Pies22_03_Hoi An_01 22_03_Hoi An_03

The old Japanese covered bridge22_03_Hoi An_25

Historic houses, pagodas, temples and much more dotted around the old town22_03_Hoi An_11322_03_Hoi An_15

Impressions of the city22_03_Hoi An_111
22_03_Hoi An_11022_03_Hoi An_3022_03_Hoi An_0422_03_Hoi An_24 22_03_Hoi An_21 22_03_Hoi An_20 22_03_Hoi An_1922_03_Hoi An_16

Nice as well but completely different - the surrounding
22_03_Hoi An_35 22_03_Hoi An_18

Tailor-made bags, knifes and much more22_03_Hoi An_1122_03_Hoi An_28 22_03_Hoi An_10 22_03_Hoi An_09

Niels favorite Sandwiches - no idea whats all in there22_03_Hoi An_27

Our luxory room 22_03_Hoi An_08

Outcome of 2 days of fitting 22_03_Hoi An_07

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