Lake Titikaka and Copacabana

Crossing Lake Titikaka, Niels and I underwent our first not 100% legal “border crossing”. Lake Titikaka is the world´s largest high-altitude lake at 3.800m. It is set between Peru and Bolivia. Therefore, the police controls the persons going from one side to the other regardless the fact that you stay in Bolivia (at first). Having no passports with us, the guide found an easy solution to the problem: just stay on the bus as the police normally doesn’t inspect it (normally – that’s what he said, believe me we nearly wetted our pants). Luckily it worked out fine – otherwise you would have to send some care packages to the Bolivian prison. Copacabana is the main city on the Bolivian side of the lake. After walking around and having lunch we took a boat to Isla del Sol. The island has some Inca ruins, great views of the surrounding and – of course – a lot of sun. Unfortunately, we just got a decent overview of the island and its definitely a place worth spending 1 to 2 full days.

Thats a bus on one of the rafts - our way of crossing the lake. IMG_3399

View from the harbour of CopacabanaPanorama01

View while going to the island of sunPanorama03

High altitude!IMG_3408

"Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana"Panorama09

People buy this overpriced stuff at the church entrance and believe they will be able to buy the big version next year. I wonder if it works... IMG_3431

Eva immediately made friends with this _horse_!IMG_3494

Traditional dressed woman getting drinking water from the well IMG_3509

View from the top of the sun island (next three pics)IMG_3521 IMG_3523Panorama05

On the way to the floating islands / back to Copacabana (next two)IMG_3559 IMG_3568

Copy of the floating islands on the bolivian side of lake Titikaka (don't go there!). They are not real, only some pontoon with planks (next three pics)Panorama07IMG_3587 IMG_3598 IMG_3599

Dinner time!IMG_3610

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