La Fortuna

Canyoneering in La Fortuna

This morning the pick-up for canyoneering arrived early. You're asking what canyoneering is? Basically, the same activity than climbing a mountain but in opposite direction. It is about going down a canyon on a rope. In the lush rainforests around Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano, three waterfall awaited us. The first one was just 8 m and a good preparation for what’s to come. The next waterfalls were both round about 70 m (!) of heights. It seems to be an stupid idea to go down a waterfall that high, but thanks to the concept of "group pressure" everyone did so. As soon as you are going over the edge and amazing experience awaits you: bouncing down a waterfall. In between the waterfalls we had to hike through the beautiful rainforest.

As a reward to ourselves for being brave we went into town and had the best Costarican coffee and cakes ever.

Lets get started!IMG_2662

Niels going down the waterfallIMG_2681 IMG_2852 IMG_2862

View from the top: the third waterfallIMG_2880

Canyoneering is fun IMG_2925 IMG_2935

Eva was nearly washed away by the waterfall while climbingIMG_2961

Our reward after the canyoneeringIMG_20140605_172412IMG_20140605_162121IMG_20140605_162336

Impressions of San Jose and La Fortuna

After a 3 week internet-abstinence  in Cuba, half starving for internet we arrived in San Jose. We used the first day to get up-to-date with the news, our blog and getting in contact with friends and family. The afternoon and the next day was dedicated to explore San Jose which is surprisingly westernized, clean and nice. The city's street system is amazingly easy: it is a perfect grid, with avenues (avenidas) running east-west, and streets (calles) traveling north-south. Calle Central (Central Street) and Avenida Central (Central Avenue) are the center of San Jose's grid system. To the west of Calle Central, all calles ascend in even numbers (Calle 2, Calle 4, etc.), and to the east, in odd numbers. Similarly, to the north of Avenida Central, avenidas ascend in odd numbers, and travel south in even numbers. The Avenida Central is the heart of San Jose, with a pedestrian mall that extends from Calle 6 to Calle 9 (8 blocks).

In the evening we met our travel mates for the next 32 days (see section "people"). The tour started the next morning by leaving San Jose towards La Fortuna, which is set on the northern plains of Costa Rica. It is just a small town but an excellent base for adventures activities. On our way to La Fortuna we all decided to go for a wild water rafting tour on the “TORO” Rivers which holds class III & IV rapids. We ended up in two rafts. After a long day of driving and rafting, the Los Lagos hot springs (natural thermal baths) were the answer to our tired muscles. The nearby volcano heats up water which is transferred to a nicely set area of different hot pools with waterslides and a wet bar where you can enjoy all kind of drinks (at a temperature of 98°F/ 37 Celsius).

Some impressions of San JoséIMG_0849 IMG_0850  IMG_3941 IMG_3947 IMG_3984

Little elephants waiting for us in our hotel room IMG_20140602_133608

On our way to La Fortuna we had a quick stop at a place where alot of huge Igunas live in the trees next to the streetIMG_0879

Lets go for raftingIMG_7975


Plastic bag attack - happy survivors!IMG_20140604_123737

Vampir night shot at the hot springsIMG_2680

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