Skiing in the Andes - Valle Nevado

Because of unprepared / stupid people without snow chains it took us 2 hours to reach the the ski resort of Valle Nevado. The day before, it snowed a lot therefore the snow was powdery and light. For Eva it has been 7 years since she last stood on ski but it worked surprisingly well 😉 We skied the whole day and only had a quick lunch break with Empanadas, Hamburgersa and a hot chocolate. A little different from what we are used to in Switzerland or Austria but well... you can't have it all. Tired from our ski trip in the Andes we return to Santiago late in the evening (7pm 😉 and fell asleep early.


Someone seems to be very happy about the snowIMG_2370 IMG_2378

The highest point we reached to day was 3.679 m.


Enjoying the snow  IMG_2396 IMG_2408 IMG_2414

Eva was very happy exiting the T-bar lift which took around 15 minutes to arrive on the topIMG_4561

Great lunch with Empanadas, Hamburgersa, hot chocolate and cokeIMG_4571 IMG_4577

The end of a great day of skiingIMG_4596


We had no idea what to expect and were extremely surprised. It’s a modern metropolis with nice neighbourhoods, restaurants, and parks. Most important: it’s remarkable safe compared to all South American countries. But the best thing is its location: flanked by the Andes to the east (40 kms) and the coast to the west (60 kms). In the hostel we learned that the three major ski resorts of Chile are just an hour drive from Santiago.

On our way from the airport two ladies from Santiago gave us a quick sightseeing tour. While in santiago we met a lot of friendly people like these two, for example an old lady came up to Niels in the supermarket and told him not to take the apples he chose but other - better - ones. The next day we went sightseeing and Niels convinced Eva to book a day trip to Valle Nevado the next day (next post).

Yes, we are backpackers/ sleeping in bunk beds (sometimes)!IMG_2312

Great viewpoint Cerro Santa Lucia which provides a 360° panoramic view of the city (see above at least 180°)IMG_449902_Panorama

Some impressions of SantiagoIMG_4492IMG_4497IMG_4535IMG_4553IMG_2336

Hungry for education and culturally interested, we visited the university and the national libraryIMG_2334IMG_4534

Mercado Central, where you find a large variety of fish and seafoodIMG_4547

If you are looking for a night out this is the place to be - Bellavista. Its like the Schanze in Hamburg, centrally located with a lot of bars, nightclubs and restaurants.IMG_2341

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