Impressions of Suchitoto

After a long day of travel via bus, boat and van we arrived to the colonial town of Suchitoto. Nestled in the mountains of the north of the country, Suchitoto is perched on the edge of an impressive artificial lake called Suchitlan Lake, also known as Embalse Cerron Grande.

The next day at a city tour we learned a bit about the tragic history of this small town (it was scene to crual crimes during the civil war) and set off into the nearby nature preserve. We hiked to a lookout and a waterfall called "Los Tercios", which is famed for its unique composition of hexagonal blocks of stone along a vertical wall.

On the way to El SalvadorIMG_1534 IMG_1542 IMG_3022 IMG_3026 IMG_3133 IMG_20140614_122828 IMG_20140614_122951 IMG_20140615_085831 IMG_20140615_093811_1 IMG_20140615_095013 IMG_20140615_100107 IMG_20140615_102323 IMG_20140615_105633Painting on jeans trousers (a lot of cow boys around here)IMG_20140615_113159 IMG_20140615_115457 IMG_20140615_120719 The biggest church in Central AmericaIMG_20140615_121802 IMG_20140615_123627

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