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Fiji is paradise and a place that one can travel around easily. With more than 300 islands it offers a place for every budget.

We chose to travel through the Yasawas Group. It’s an island chain consisting of 20 volcanic islands. All of them represent the picture that you would have in your mind when thinking about Fiji. The islands are still remote and there are no shops, ATMs or medical service. However, the island resorts offer all amenities you need. The island size varies from very small (about 100x200m) to large and very high (up to 380m high and a few km long).

Getting around is easy also. Nearly as easy as taking a bus in Hamburg: a daily catamaran (Yasawa Flyer) works its way up north in the morning and comes back south in the afternoon. All resorts offer free pick-ups from the catamaran. Also they offer different accommodation packages. But be advised: if you chose to book the accommodation yourself and in advance you might end up with saving 30% (thats what we did).



Fiji – The Yasawa Group No. 2

The Barefoot lodge on Drawaqua island was beautiful: a lovely resort with small cottages (called bures), sunrise and sunset restaurants right on the beach. The surrounding reef is very healthy with an amazing variety of fish and colorful corals. While we had dinner the sun set over the ocean.

Because of the great snorkeling Eva decided to do a cave dive which turned out to be a great idea. The corals might have been the best she has ever seen. Time flew by very quickly in the Barefoot lodge (also because we met Mus and Roman (see section “Peopl”) and way to soon it was time for the next island again.

It is one of the most northern islands in the Yasawas – Tavewa island. While Eva took a nap Niels made friends with the whole staff (thanks to Tomu) and came back to the Bure with many gifts (coconuts, mangos and citrus leaves for tea). Being addicted to diving, Eva couldn’t resist the opportunity to participate in shark feeding (Lemon sharks, many Reef sharks and !Bull Sharks!). One evening we were invited by Tomu to a Kava ceremony with the staff. Turning down this offer is considered a serious insult to Fijians, therefore we gave it a try. Kava, is made from a pepper plant but only the root is used. The powder is mixed in a huge wooden bowl with fresh water. It looks and taste like muddy rain water. It is known for its pleasant relaxation effect and after one cup you begin to feel your lips and tongue tingle a bit (compared to a local anesthetic at the dentist).

The last island was Nanuya Balavu where Eva talked Niels into an Open Water Dive Certification Course. Hence Niels was busy most of the time diving and preparing for the exam while Eva had relaxing time. Surprisingly, the “great” Dr. MüWi passed the final exam and now, he is not only a Dr. but also a certified diver 😉

The time flew by and our 12 days in Fiji were over to soon. After all time doesn’t pass by slower in Fiji – no Fiji time!

Welcome committee of the Barefoot lodge 03_Barefoot_05

Happy Niels with Peppi`s sunnies 03_Barefoot_15 03_Barefoot_02

Impressions of Eva´s favorite island - Drawaqua03_Barefoot_04 03_Barefoot_0603_Barefoot_08 03_Barefoot_09 03_Barefoot_10 03_Barefoot_11 03_Barefoot_12

Time for a group picture with Mus and Roman (see people section)03_Barefoot_13

Last sunset in the Barefoot Lodge03_Barefoot_01

The Yasawa Flyer to the next island - Tavewa island03_Barefoot_14

Cave diving in Fiji03_Barefoot_16 03_Barefoot_17 03_Barefoot_18 03_Barefoot_19

Feeding amazing bullsharks 04_Coralview_02 04_Coralview_03 04_Coralview_04 04_Coralview_05 04_Coralview_06

Beaches on Tavewa island in the afternoon04_Coralview_0104_Coralview_08

If you can´t see us we are in the middle - white spots 04_Coralview_07

Having a Kava ceremony with Tomu and the rest of the staff 04_Coralview_09

Yes, we tried that muddy water 04_Coralview_10

Ritual after the great success of passing the Open Water Course - having a beer through a snorkel05_Mantaray_01

Goodbye last island alias Nanuya Balavu 05_Mantaray_02

Fiji - The Yasawa Group No. 1

Paradise here we come again!

Due to the many choices (all of them sound great) planning the Fiji trip was a lot of work. Even after Eva decided to limit the trip to the Yasawas 20 islands and around 30 resorts the choice was hard. But after 7 month of travelling we are well trained travel agents: it took one long and exhausting night of planning only 3 days before the departure to get everything booked. The 11 nights in Fiji were allocated to 6 different islands and our transport was booked in advance.

The first island was Beachcomber island, which is supposed to be THE party place. However, during our stay it was very quiet. After having only 4 hours of sleep on the night-flight we didn’t mind this at all. The island is one of the smallest in the group it only takes 10 minutes to walk around it. It’s a picture-postcard island at its best.

The next island further north was Wayasewa, also known as Wayalailai. The island is dominated by a huge volcanic rock which towers over the beach and the resort below. The sunrise hike to the top took us an hour but the reward was a beautiful view over the Yasawas. That included the neighboring island where the movie “Castaway” with Tom Hanks was shot. At the moment Fiji has a rough drought period therefore some islands have only limited water supply and we could only take a quick shower when the tide was high. But that doesn’t really matter in Paradise 😉

First sight of Beachcomber Island01_Beachcomber_01

View from our terrace at sunset and during daytime01_Beachcomber_02 01_Beachcomber_0401_Beachcomber_03

Taxi ride from the catamaran to Wayalailai Island02_Wayalailai_02

View from the top of the huge volcanic rock - in the back you see Castaway Island02_Wayalailai_0102_Wayalailai_08

View from our terrace on Wayalailai and impressions of the island02_Wayalailai_03 02_Wayalailai_04  02_Wayalailai_06 02_Wayalailai_07

Goodbye picture of Wayalailai02_Wayalailai_05

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