French Polynesia - Huahine

We found paradise - Mo’orea already seemed like it but Motu Mahare is just over the top.

For the first two nights on Huahine we stayed at Tifaifai et Café. Flora (the manager) offered us to stay the next two nights on a small private Motu (island). To be honest we were curious because Tifaifai et Cafe was an amazing place, thus it was hard to believe that it could get any better. But Flora convinced us. As soon as we went on the boat to our new home we knew it was the right decision. What awaited us is hard to put into words. A tranquil place with only two lovely wooden bungalows. They’re surrounded by huge coconut trees and many colorful flowers. Only the manager (Tamatoa), his wife and their son live on the Motu. It is surrounded by a gorgeous lagoon with crystal-clear turquoise water and white-sandy beaches. We felt like Robinson Cruseo on our beautiful lonely island. Tamatoa picked fresh coconuts everyday, his wife made delicious cakes, we went for some great snorkeling, kayaking and spend quite a bit of time in one of the hammocks. Life can be good 😉

View from our room at Tifaifai et Café01

Beautiful garden of Tifaifai et Café - hard to believe it only has two guest-rooms...02

One of Flora’s lovely dogs. Brock is a Pitbull but Flora made him the loveliest dog in the world. Every morning he was waiting in front of our room.03

First sight of Tifaifai Motu Mahare04

Our Polynesian style bungalow, bathroom and the dining area09 05 06 07

A rare specialty: Coconut palm heart lovely served with flowers. Its a vegetable harvested from the inner core of the coconut palm0809_1

Our new pets:lots of lizards (finding easy food in the shining lamp)09_3

Sacred blue eyed eels at Faie village (dark with blue eyes and a size of 1-2 meters). Super creeeeepy!!!09_4

Coconut crab walking around everywhere day and night (they are huge)09_31

Eva´s favorite place for writing the blog10

Our private beach 13

Stranded Surfers on OUR private beach...12

Kayaking around the Motu15 16

Visiting the pearl farm including a quick swim 😉17 20

A traditional farewell gift: beautiful flower´s and necklaces made by Tamatoas wife. Eva grinned like a Cheshire cat23

Eva with Tamatoa and his lovely family24

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