French Polynesia - Tahiti

Arriving in paradise was different than expected. Eline and Julian (our AirBnb hosts) welcomed us with a flower necklace late in the night. But while driving to their place (about 20 minutes) we constantly passed by big houses and shops instead of a few small bamboo-huts. They live in a nice apartment with a waterfront terrace including a beautiful view of the neighboring island Mo’orea. Unfortunately there was a lot of planning to do, so we spent the first day organizing the next 3 weeks in French Polynesia on their terrace. Eline supported us with an unbelievable energy all the time.Only stopping for a longer time to go to the country´s famous roulottes in the city of Pape’ete. Literally, it’s an area with mobile caravan-stalls, where you can eat everything from Polynesian to Chinese and French cuisine. When we came home the planning kept us awake until we gave up 2 am in the night. Trying all the unlimited possible combinations of flights to the different islands made it an impossible task to finish.

The next morning the solution to our problem was the Air Tahiti travel agency. The lady did the fight planning in less than 15 minutes and managed to squeeze all wanted Islands in the schedule ( Tahiti - More’ea – Huahine - Bora Bora – Tikehau – Rangiroa - Fakarava). After this success a great shopping experience awaited us in the huge supermarket (Carrefour) where we found everything we dreamed off for the last 4 month e.g. different types of salami, cheese, vegetables etc.. The same day Eline supported us finding the accommodations on the islands also and by the end of the day everything was arranged for the next three weeks (thank you again:).

View from the terrace in the morningIMG_2759

Best office in the world - working on our planes for the next three weeksIMG_2764

Sunset from the terrace (Mo'orea in the back)IMG_2765

Even late at night Eline and Julian helped us planning our trip (thank you guys!)IMG_2774

Famous RouletteIMG_2777

Multi-trillion possibilities of flightsIMG_2779

Problem solved - seven more flights booked in 15 mins, thanks to the Air Tahiti Pass they are not expensive at all!IMG_2780

First and last time starfruit 😉IMG_2783

Huge avocados - maybe the Mururoa atoll is not far away?!IMG_2786

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