Perth – Its all about Family

Isaac and Solomon have been great teachers during our stay in Perth: after some training we even managed the art of summoning / creating three-headed monsters protected by shields and equipped with powerful weapons - you would be truly impressed! The first 3 days of our stay in Perth we spent with Niels great-great-grand (she is really great 😉 cousin Astrid and her family. They live in Mandurah, a suburb located 70 km south of Perth. Astrid and Andrew (her husband) were great hosts, it felt like home straight away. The beach is only 200 m away from their house and the ocean was a welcome refreshment on these hot summer days. While being in the water the first time, dolphins passed by very close. How cool is that?! Having a swim in the morning with dolphins around. But for the boys it was just a normal thing and nothing unusual. At least Andrew seemed to be somehow fascinated.

@ Astrid-family: Thanks a lot for having us!!!

The next 4 days we spent at Heathers (the mother of Astrid, Eva and Lawrence) place directly in Perth. The beach was just across the street and the house is surrounded by a lovely garden with papaya trees, physalis and other fruits. Heather showed us the most remote city in the world with its beautiful beaches and wonderful weather. As well as Astrid, Heather was a perfect host and the best tour guide you could possibly wish for. She knows the best places and therefore we got to see some of the highlights Perth has to offer: a walking tour through the beautiful Kings Park (together with Eva (the other one;)), Fremantle with its beautiful port, some more suburbs like Cottesloe and of cause "Heathers hood": Scarbourogh. While not being busy with sightseeing we met Niels other great-great-grand cousins: Eva (the other one) including her soon to be husband Ben (welcome to the family) and Lawrence including his family. The last night Heather invited us to a revolving restaurant on the 33rd floor of St. Martins Tower in the city center of Perth where we had a delicious 4-course-dinner and an amazing view over the whole city.

@ Heather: Thanks for having us and being the best tour guide ever!

The time passed by far too quick and we had to leave our favorite country once more :/ But hopefully it's not long before we will be back.

First thing we saw after arriving in Perth03_Perth_02

Astrid, Andrew, Isaac ....                                                       03_Perth_03         03_Perth_05

... Solomon and Sandy 03_Perth_08

From the left Heathers children: Eva, Astrid and Lawrence on the Ocean dress party03_Perth_10

Beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see03_Perth_1203_Perth_50

Cute little fellows in a park03_Perth_2903_Perth_33

View of Perth from the Kings Park03_Perth_3803_Perth_4503_Perth_72

Niels on a dangerous mission - Part 303_Perth_41

City center of Perth 03_Perth_5203_Perth_53

Amazing views from the revolving restaurant03_Perth_54 03_Perth_56 03_Perth_60

Heathers precious alias papaya 😉 03_Perth_65

Heathers house is wrapped by flowers  03_Perth_66  03_Perth_70

Heather and Eva in Fremantle                              Eva and Eva shaking hands 😉03_Perth_501             03_Perth_61

Someone is enjoying the last rays of the australian sun03_Perth_68

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