Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc 

A scooter ride is not always a peace of cake...

No pick up was awaiting us at the airport. After waiting for 20 min. not many taxis were left and our options therefore very limited. A strange guy came up to us asking where we want to go several times. Our travel experience told us to be cautious denying his offer to give us a lift. Eventually, the guy knew our hotel and Phu Quoc is neither Central nor South America, so we finally gave in and accepted his offer. Due to his mad driving skills we reached the hotel in Warpspeed.

Our nice hotel was located directly at the beach. Every room had its own hammock, which we used heavily. We enjoyed most meals along the beachside or in Raghavs favorite place – surprise: an Indian restaurant. The running gag was fish sauce. Raghav and Rakshita found it in pretty much every single meal – Niels in turn found it in his breakfast pancake only – seriously, they prepared the pancake in fish sauce… The first contact with locals taught us that not everyone likes to bargain: the girls wanted to bargain for fruits. The lady responded by pushing, cursing and trying to spill dirty water over them. Completely confused they brought out in big laughter. Luckily this was the only weird experience we had with locals for the rest of our trip.

Marcus, Rakshita, Farina and Niels rented two scooters for the exploration of northern Phu Quoc while Raghav and Eva stayed at the hotel. The roads are mostly unsealed and sometimes really tough. Marcus and Rakshita rode a scooter together. While going down-hill the scooter sledded and they crashed. Rescue team 'Niels and Farina' helped them up again. Marcus had scratches along his leg, arm and a stone in his hand while Rakshita seemed to be more lucky with only some scratches on her ankle (her jeans saved her from worse).

Back at our place Niels cleaned all wounds while Eva got the stone out of Marcus hand. The stone was actually quite big (size of a big pea). Not sure if the wound was really clean Niels and Marcus went to a so-called hospital. For only 3 € Marcus got treated including a local anesthetic (because he was screaming like a little baby) and antibiotics. The doctor advised Niels to take pictures of Meggis while cleaning the hole in his hand. However, out of respect and decency those pictures can't be published here 😉 What an experience!

Raghav and Rakshita had to leave the same day so that Rakshita could get a proper check-up at home. As it turned out Rakshita wasn't lucky afterall. Her bone had a small crack and the next weeks a cast was part of her fashion style.

Besides that little happening we had a great time together and look forward to met up again. But without scooter trips 😉

Our Scooter gang22_02_Phu Quoc_000

Farina enjoying Coco Loco 22_02_Phu Quoc_001

Impressions from our first scooter tour around the island 22_02_Phu Quoc_002 22_02_Phu Quoc_005 22_02_Phu Quoc_006 22_02_Phu Quoc_007 22_02_Phu Quoc_008 22_02_Phu Quoc_009 22_02_Phu Quoc_010

Christmas trees look somehow different in Vietnam 22_02_Phu Quoc_012

Before the accident ...22_02_Phu Quoc_013

... and after 22_02_Phu Quoc_014 22_02_Phu Quoc_015 22_02_Phu Quoc_016

Relaxing on the Island-hopping tour and enjoying the scenery 22_02_Phu Quoc_017 22_02_Phu Quoc_018

Local transport 22_02_Phu Quoc_019 22_02_Phu Quoc_020

Snacks on the tour (mussels and sea urchins) followed by even more snacks on the local market 22_02_Phu Quoc_025 22_02_Phu Quoc_026

Life is good - getting a massage on the beach 22_02_Phu Quoc_027

Our bungalow 22_02_Phu Quoc_028

The most beautiful beach on the island 22_02_Phu Quoc_029

Time to say goodbye 22_02_Phu Quoc_030

Our accommodation
Farina enjoying Coco loco 😉
First scooter tour in the south of the island - roads are a bit dusty
Foto von R&R
Foto vin transport bamboo
The most beautiful beach on the island but unfortunately there are also parts which are ruined by rubbish
Beautiful scenery in the north
Alles aus dem Norden
Christmas trees look a bit different in Vietnam
Foto Baum  strand
Before and after
Baule und Rakshita auf brucke
Enjoying dishes without fish sauce
Time to say goodbye...


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