Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng - The city of tubing

The bus ride to Vang Vieng was longer and harder than expected an assured us even more why we prefer flights over long bus trips. It's not only because the roads from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng are windy - no - it is also due to the mad driving skills of bus drivers which made it hard not getting motion sick.

But after 7,5 hours the final destination was reached and the adventure could start. Exhausted from the bus ride we only managed to plan the next day and had dinner with two girls we just met. The night turned out to be shorted than planned because the lovely staff of our hostel started to clean the whole place at 8am! But fu** it, we wanted to go tubing anyways.

What followed was absolute madness. We went with the girls we met yesterday night and rented some tubes. The tuk-tuk took us 3 km up-river where everyone started. We hopped in our tubes, just to go straight for the first bar (they throw bottles filled with sand and ropes attached at you - so they can actually pull you out of the water)


the next thing we remember is that we nearly missed the last stop and would have gone into the dark jungle (it was already night...) if it wasn't for a local that got us out of the water (thanks again!). The evening ended by us going to some bars and clubs with all of our new friends.

The next day and the bus right to Vientiane was horrible. Luckily, we were well prepared and had some Vomex on board 😛

The city of Vang Vieng (the one and only normal picture we have of this place)

Now looking at it this party seems weird - but we had an amazing time!

The girls we met the day before

On our way from our 1st stop!

Already is in a good mood....

Someone else is in a better mood...
"Cheers back"