Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro - Christ the Redeemer

Today we went to see the world famous statue of Christ. The statue itself is round about 30 m high and is located at the peak of the 700m Corcovado mountain overlooking most of Rio. The view is breath-taking...

IMG_20140715_082953P7150177 P7150132

Maracana Stadium where we saw the WM tile coming!!!P7150151 P7150176 Zusammengefügt

World Cup Final – 13 th of july 2014 - Maracana Stadium

Yes we have been in the stadium, yes we have seen the German national team win the World Championship, yes it was amazing, awesome or what ever other superlative you could possibly think of! But lets start at the beginning...

Besides Neymar every single Brazilian was cheering for Germany before the game. Brazilians were even more friendly than they have been the last days (as far as that’s possible). But there have also been way above 100.000 Argentinians reported by officials in Rio de Janeiro at the day of the finals. They were everywhere and not all of them have been friendly towards Brazilians 😉 Most of the German fans met up at the northern end of Copacabana. From there we walked together to the next metro station, taking the train to the stadium. The atmosphere on the way and in the stadium was amazing. I guess everyone has seen the game itself, so no words will be lost about the ref, two yellow cards in the first half, off-side goals and so on. Lets put it that way: we nearly died 😛

IMG_20140713_204225IMG_20140715_112930 IMG_20140713_135516

Making friends with some agentinianIMG_20140713_140042IMG_2188 IMG_20140713_142701

Meeting with with my colleague Maik IMG_20140713_151806 IMG_20140713_184413

Long after the gameIMG_20140713_194955

There is nothing more to say...IMG_20140713_194427

Rio de Janeiro - Sugar Loaf

Today we "climbed" the Sugar Loaf...IMG_2219

View of Botafogo and Flamengo (and also some CBD)IMG_2240

To the left: Leme and Copacabana - To the right: Botafogo and FlamengoIMG_2241 IMG_2248CopacabanaIMG_2254

Copacabana zommed in (including the fan fest)PapfkfsdjfP7140029

Panoramic viewZuckerhut Panorama

Our ride home...IMG_2233 IMG_2260  IMG_20140714_170953 IMG_20140714_171513 P7140068

The "dramatic mode" of Baules camera works well...P7140092

Rio de Janeiro

Rio, where should we start? It’s a fantastic city with the most spectacular settings we have ever seen! The people are among the most friendly we have met so far, its flanked by gorgeous mountains, white-sandy beaches and forests. We stayed 250 m from the Copacabana close to Ipanema. The city itself is very green. The world-famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanama are truly amazing and the scenic outlooks of Corcovado and Pão de Açúcar are breathtaking (two posts will follow the next two days :).

Morning sun at the CopacabanaP7150114 P7150118 P7150119

Rio is soccer!IMG_20140711_143133

Ipanema BeachIMG_20140711_144308 IMG_20140711_151638

A street in Hamburg? Nope... its Rio! IMG_20140712_162321

Nice view of Rio: Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon IMG_20140712_163247

A night out with Helena (she saved our lifes by guiding us to the supermarket) IMG_20140711_224555

Baule in his chair/bed in our cozy apartment 😉IMG_20140710_134428

The world famous AusländerIMG_20140711_172301

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