Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a small paradise around 150 km southwest of Rio. After visiting Christo early in the morning we went to the bus station and lined up. After half an hour of waiting we got told that there are no busses to Ilha Grande for today. Therefore, another transportation needed to be found. Niels ask a taxi driver who offered a very good price (220 BRL = ~ 72 €) for the 2 hrs - 144 km ride. At port of Conceição de Jacareí we took a boat to the main village on Ilha Grande. The next days we went to diffrent beaches, did some hiking and enjoyed life at several nice restaurants and bars.

The guys found the cup and the cup found the guys 😉IMG_2280 IMG_2284 IMG_2285 IMG_2315 IMG_20140715_145921


German beer is also famous on Ilha Grande ...IMG_20140715_150750

... but Baule prefers the local SKOLIMG_20140715_191538

Old aquaduct in the middle of the forrestIMG_2299

A giantic earthworm crossed our way while walking (approx. 1 m long)IMG_2304

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