Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Yet another world heritage site?

Deciding which tour to take, took Eva a long time - too many choices and even more warnings about scam tours made our life as hard as it can get while traveling the world. Only a few tours met our requirements. Our lovely host Linda (Hoi An) offered us our favorite tour ("Glory Cruise") for a good price. The 3D/2N adventure started three days later.

Still a bit cautious we arrived at the harbour and were pretty amazed by our ship. It was new and luxurious. Cruising in luxury made it very easy to enjoy Halong Bay with its over 3000 majestic lime-stone islets. The weather was perfect - sunshine all day long but not too hot. Especially, the second day we were able to explore the bay without the crowds. Sally, Paul and the two of us had a whole ship for ourselves and a lot of fun while kayaking, sun-bathing and relaxing.

The whole trip was great (the research paid off) and way above our expectations:22_04_Halong Bay_00

A few of the lime-stone islets and some more impression around Halong Bay22_04_Halong Bay_01 22_04_Halong Bay_02 22_04_Halong Bay_03 22_04_Halong Bay_04 22_04_Halong Bay_05

A floating kiosk with everything you may need on a cruise: crackers, wine, cigarettes and much more22_04_Halong Bay_06

The four of us kayaking around the bay, visiting some floating villages and relaxing on a small beach22_04_Halong Bay_1022_04_Halong Bay_15 22_04_Halong Bay_16 22_04_Halong Bay_17

No chance of starving22_04_Halong Bay_19

Exhausted from kayaking and eating during our day trip22_04_Halong Bay_20

Eva's best friend the captain - she spent 1 hour solving his excel issues22_04_Halong Bay_21

Our luxury cruise – pretty ok for backpackers22_04_Halong Bay_30 22_04_Halong Bay_31 22_04_Halong Bay_32 22_04_Halong Bay_33

But everything comes to an end…22_04_Halong Bay_40 22_04_Halong Bay_41


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