French Polynesia - Tikehau

Most probably Tikehau is the most remote island we stayed on. There are only 600 people living on the atoll and shops are only filled up once a week when the cargo ship arrives. A discovery trip around the main Motu took us only 1 ½ hrs by bike (12 km). Besides the bikes we took one of the kayaks for a 3 hrs excursion. Once more the surrounding beaches and motus seemed to be drawn.

Chez Justine is a very nice pension. At first its owner Laroche seemed not to be very chatty but after he made Niels eat fish (!), he invited us several times for lunch and dinner (Lobster, our favorite fish Mahi-Mahi and Tuna). He was the one educating us about Adam and Eve – the German TV-show… It was recorded on one of his Motus!

Our home for three days01

Our beach which we only had to share with 4 other people who were hardly around0203

But we had to share the beach with other friendly animals... This is a black-tip shark: don't worry it's not dangerous at all...02_1

During night time you see a lot more sharks at the harbour10

The main village and surrounding04

Barbeque for lunch06

Mahi-Mahi which was given to us by Laroche (thanks again!)07

We discovered this nice hotel (Royal Tikehau) in one of the passes between the Motus while kayaking09

Kayak tour (next five pics)11

Bye bye Tikehau20

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