Ziplining in Monteverde

The next day we headed for Monteverde, which is a nature paradise due to its beautiful flora and fauna. It is also called the "Green Mountain" (see pictures below). Monteverde is surrounded by cloud forest, like a rainforest but much of the moisture comes from the condensation left by the nearly constant cloud cover that blankets the tops of mountains. Monteverde Reserve covers 1600 hectares of forest and is home to a great variety of wildlife. More than 2,000 species of plants, 320 bird species and 100 different species of mammals inhabit this small area. For exploring the cloud forest we walked over suspension bridges, small trails and even experience the rain season which mostly offers sh*t loads of rain in the afternoon around 3 pm.

But Monteverde also offers some adrenalin activities and we decided to go for the thrilling canopy zip line where you have a bird’s-eye view of the rainforest as you soar through the trees on 13 different ziplines. Some of them are 150 m high and the longest is 1 km. Getting from one zipline to the other you also have to challenge yourself going straight down on a line for appr. 40 m. Out of all activities I have ever done this was the most adrenaline intense. Especially, the last one where you pretend to be superman: attached to the zipline with a back belt, feet tightened up and facing down the vally. But that’s not enough for some people, therefore, Rob, Hernand and Raf did go for bungee jumping.

In the afternoon we did what we do best: having lunch and drinking coffee. In the evening the group took salsa lessons and some other latin american dances (which I already forgot about ;).

First sight of Monteverde from the boatIMG_0937 Monteverde alias "Green Mountain"IMG_1403 While exploring the cloud forest we made friends with some "creatures"IMG_0944 IMG_0945 The walk included 8 suspension bridgesIMG_0946 IMG_0959 To get to the last one we had to climb up in a treeIMG_0965 IMG_0968 Lets get some adrenaline in our bloodlinesIMG_0971 Someone seems to be excitedIMG_0974 Outlook while the zipliningIMG_1010 Yes hanging on the zipline is uncomfortable 😉 IMG_1011 IMG_1062 IMG_1014 IMG_1074 Eva is doing the Tarzan Swing (jumping down a platform and after that enjoying the swing in the cloud forest IMG_1174 Going down 40 m...IMG_1097 Superman NielsIMG_1200 IMG_1203 IMG_1253 The guys pretend to be relaxed before their big jump ("Do i smell fear or pee?")IMG_1266 IMG_1369

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