Bangkok – city of shopping and crazy parties – that’s what we thought at least. But to be honest we seemed to got spoiled on our travels so far because Bangkok shopping is alright but nothing special at all. And since we didn’t manage to have a serious party, we can’t judge about this part of the Bangkok legend.

However, we managed to meet Dimi and Ruth (whom we have met years ago in Africa). What a great reunion. We had cocktails a roof top bars enjoyed amazing Thai food directly at the river and did extensive temple sightseeing. Also we managed to visit the grand palace. We have to say, this is quite something special: the size, amount of gold being used and layout are breath taking.

After this amazing stop we’ll leave South East Asia and will travel to our last country on this round the world trip: Sri Lanka!

Meeting with old friends from Africa in Bangkok..

The temples were exceptional

After nearly one year of traveling Thailand made tourists our of us: Niels got one of these beauties and Eva got a skirt.

Food was presented very tourist friendly but still very tasty 😉

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