Hanoi is said to be one of the most beautiful and atmospheric cities in Vietnam. To be honest we didn’t see its beauty (e.g. compared to Hoi An). It’s a nice city but not amazing. The Old Quarter is the historic heart with pulsating life and countless of motorbikes. You find local coffee shops and restaurants at every corner and it’s nice to watch to chaotic street life. We toured the capital sights for 3 days.

A small temple between residential housed22_05_Hanoi01

Sightseeing in the Old Quarter and around22_05_Hanoi02 22_05_Hanoi03 22_05_Hanoi04 22_05_Hanoi05 22_05_Hanoi06

Small local market22_05_Hanoi07

Does anyone know these fruits? We have no clue… 22_05_Hanoi08 22_05_Hanoi09

Some specialties for our vegetarian friends22_05_Hanoi12

Who needs a badminton field if there is broad sidewalk? 22_05_Hanoi17

Hoan Kien Lake in the middle of the city22_05_Hanoi18

Thats what you get for 20€ in Vietnam – 3 star hotel incl. breakfast and extremely helpfull staff22_05_Hanoi19

Typical café – on every corner in the Old Quarter22_05_Hanoi36

Need handbags or shoes? 22_05_Hanoi39

Doing the dishes22_05_Hanoi41

Looks a bite weird but the outcome is delicious and my favorite food in Vietnam – Bun Bo Nam Bo (Noodle soup with different kind of lettuce, roasted peanuts, some meat and other things) 22_05_Hanoi45 22_05_Hanoi47-1

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