Siem Reap – Famous for its cultural highlight alias Ankor Wat

Ever since Niels older cousin told him about Ankor Wat he was dreaming about visiting this world famous temple areal. And we should not be disappointed. However, we started of with a little disappointment: the supposingly amazing sunrise never happend! The sky was extremely cloudy. But still the mighty temples of Ankor Wat were impressive. In the morning there weren’t to many tourist so it was very nice to explore the area before mostly huge groups of Chinese arrived. After Ankor Wat our Tuk-Tuk driver brought us to some of the other temples like Ta Prom, Preah Khan and so on. It’s not possible to see all the temples in one day but for us one day was perfect because after seeing at least 50 temples in the past few weeks we were kind of saturated with temples sightseeing. The city of Siem Reap has not much to offer besides many cafés, bars and restaurants for the large amount of tourists. We found a local food place with good food and amazing fresh juices for only 1,3 / 0,70€.

Pure “Tomb Raider” feeling….
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